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The Empress Necklace/Body Chain

Availability: 5 in stock

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Quick Overview

A six tiered, opulent necklace absolutely dripping in sparkly, empress worthy glory! Endorsed and named after Daley South (The Queen of the Vampire Court of Austin, Texas), you can own a glimmering waterfall of jewels to adorn yourself with for any occasion as well. Video below!

—————- SPECS ————————
Neck Max: 20″ comfortably, can be extended if noted on order!
Measurements: 10″ from top of tiers to bottom of longest hanging pendant.
Second Closure: 11″ from shoulder chain connection on both sides out to the second crab claw closure and ring it connects to.
Weight: * Coming Soon * It’s definitely a heavier piece, but well worth it and the neck closure is designed to withstand it.

————— CONNECT! ——————–


5 in stock


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