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Purple Metallic Wild Wings

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Quick Overview

Brilliantly metallic, shiny and stunning – These wings are perfect for photo shoots, stage performances, festivals, or wherever you feel like bringing a little extra flair to an outfit or a costume. They can even be worn without putting sticks in the end to extend them, sort of like a fabulous, fancy cape!

IMPORTANT : Wings DO NOT come with the sticks needed to extend them fully due to shipping restrictions. All you have to do is buy two 2.5″ long metal rods OR wooden dowels (about $4 at your local home improvement or craft store) and slip them in to the edges of the wings in to the pre-sewn pocket.

—————- SPECS ————————
Neck: Velcro closure. Up to 18″ comfortably, will stretch to 21″.
Total Length: ~4.75′ from top of neck piece to end of wings.
Wingspan: ~9.5′ when fully extended to the sides with dowels or rods inside wings.

—————— STORAGE ——————
Hang your Wild Wings by looping the closed velcro neck piece over the hook of a hanger, then put them in a roomy spot in your closet or wherever you'd like to display them! This will help prevent wrinkling on the pleats of the wings and make them look great for a long time.

————— CONNECT! ——————–


2 in stock


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