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Mars Sunrise Dream Maker

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Quick Overview

The color of this hoop reminds me of an other-worldly sunrise… Like the kind you see the morning after a beautiful, bass driven festival night. The oil slick filled sunrise with bohemian feather detailing to remind you of your friends, festival family, and the amazing weekend you just had.

The threading on this one goes from a deep purple, to magenta, to a bright orange sun in the middle, peppered with multi-faceted gems through-out. The feathers below are a mix of sun-burst reds, oranges, then wirey and fluffy purples, down to pheasant stripes – bringing it back to a native looking style. Adorned with a purple gem with crystals around it, this dreamcatcher has driven style and class. Perfect for a wall hanger as the feathers do not rotate.

We like to call them “dreammakers”. Symbolically weave your ambitions, goals, and dreams in to them and imagine that they energize and actualize all of your dreams, instead of capturing negative ones… A new way to think about “dream catchers” with a new twist on construction and design!

—————- SPECS ————————
4″ Hanging String (you can shorten this if you choose)
19″ Diameter
34″ from top of hanging string to end of feather piece.

————— CONNECT! ——————–


1 in stock



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