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Mars Landing Parasol *SALE*

Availability: 1.000000 in stock

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Quick Overview

One of my favorites! This red nylon parasol has been adorned with beautiful teal and gold accents. The middle was painstakingly layered with multiple layers of paint to create an ethereal blend of bright golden teal. Super sturdy, this parasol is made of nylon so it won’t break after being opened a few times like paper parasols. ***Note: This parasol has a grip taped handle and requires a bit of force to open / close – However, normal use should not cause any issues. It is marked down because of the minor force required 🙂

These unique painted parasols are perfect for sunny days, festival adventuring, walking around town, photo shoots, performing, or just about any other time you’d like to look extra fabulous!

—————- SPECS ————————
Parasol is 32.5″ across, 22″ from tip to handle.
Wooden handle, wooden spokes, nylon fabric.
** Not recommended for rain **

————— CONNECT! ——————–


1 in stock



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