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  • Cirque de L’amour Headdress

    Quick Overview

    Buttery soft, life-like faux flowers adorn the sides of this spunky feminine headdress. Shimmery pink, white, and red flexible cable hangs from the back like a faux wig that will bounce with movement and create a dynamic look with dance. Flowers adorn the crown, detailed underneath with shining rhinestones. Laying across the crown are multi-faceted heart beads strung along a metal chain.

    Dainty but also loud, soft but spunky, beautiful in day time as well as under UV night-lights… This headdress has a lot to say. What will you use it to accent?

    —————- SPECS ————————
    This headdress is set on a standard, adult headband and should fit most.
    The cable “hair” is layered and 23″ long at it's longest.

    ————— CONNECT! ——————–

  • Phoenix Headdress

    Quick Overview

    Bright, powerful, and as if it could be an effective tool for your success rising from the ashes.. This headdress is a powerful reminder that self expression can be as muted or loud as you want it to be. Not for the faint of heart, this headdress will empower you from the moment you put it on.

    —————- SPECS ————————
    This headdress is set on a standard, adult headband and should fit most.

    ————— CONNECT! ——————–